Africa Rocks!

An all singing, dancing, drumming, drama spectacular! As featured on Teachers' TV

The show runs for approximately 1h 30 minutes. For schools looking to develop pupils wider multicultural awareness, or to raise awareness to poverty and environmental issues in Africa ...this show is a must.

Show synopsis: The story begins at dawn one morning as the families in a Northern Kenyan village arise to greet another day of hunger, thirst and anxiety. There is no food. There is no rain to help the crops grow. The village elder choose two of the youngsters in the village to go in search of help. Their journey takes them on many adventures meeting tourists, people from the logging and oil industries and finally the mystical Moonshine Man who gives them a surprising secret that shows them how they can overcome their problems. The gut wrenching story shows how courage and belief can eventually overcome all of the main problems and turn misery into hope and success! The show is an emotional roller coaster that takes the audience from a scene of despair and desparation to an eventual outcome of celebration and joy!

What the audiences said... 'It had the feel of a West End Show!'
What the pupils said ... 'It was so much fun! We wanted the show to run for many more performances!'

Below you can listen to previews of all of the songs

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Song Previews

Preview the songs from Africa Rocks

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